Brooklyn Film Festival


The Brooklyn Outdoor Film Festival website is a mock site built with Bootstrap. A simple red and black color scheme was chosen for impact and to reflect the colors used frequently in Star Wars films.

The Challenge

To create a website for publicizing the Brooklyn Outdoor Film Festival. Site must include information about the festival, films being shown, and regularly published news or announcements about festival. Site must include a registration form so that attendance can be estimated by organizer and registration can be closed if attendance reaches capacity. Site should also have links to city of Brooklyn's new website, Brooklyn Bridge Park Website, links to Twitter/Instagram/Facebook. The festival is free to attend but limited to a venue capacity of 5,000 people per day.

The Home Page and Menu

The header menu includes links to Home and the registration page. On the front page I featured the dates and movies that were playing at the festival. I included four call to actions (registration page links) including a floating link in the header. The front page has several other sections including special guests, latest news, a movie trailer, and film reviews.

Screenshot showing AT-AT in background and Star Wars actors

Site Footer

The footer section features a list of partners, location information and an embedded Google map. Below that are social media links, a repeat of the header menu, and copyright information.

Screenshot showing AT-AT in background and location map

Registration Page

The registration page contains a Bootstrap registration form.

Screenshot showing AT-AT in background and registration page


The website is a one-page site using Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3. The site describes the event, lists the films and dates of showings, lists required links (City of Brooklyn's new website and Brooklyn Bridge Park website), and links to social media sites. Site includes area for news/updates. The website is made responsive to work on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. I created a custom light saber cursor that transitions from red to blue when hovering over links. Coding: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap.


Working on the Brooklyn Outdoor Film Festival website was a good opportunity to build a simple Bootstrap page for a one-time event.