Horse Academy


The black and white images were chosen because they give the impression of timelessness and help emphasize emotion. For color, I used the color palette Sweet Orchid by Canva.

The Home Page

Horses grazing

In the hero section of the front page I used a large black and white image of windblown horses grazing in a field with a dramatic mesa in the background. The wild horses appear calm, healthy, and content in their natural habitat. Because the horses are looking/facing random directions it also instills a sense of wildness and freedom. Below the hero section, I featured a custom post type (Trainer) and also a single category (Training) from the blog. These two sections could easily be customized for other CPTs or blog posts.

 Carousel and Footer

The carousel features four slides with links to page topics on the website. The buttons link to some of the top training topics.

In both the post and page sections and the carousel I used call to action buttons to tempt the user to explore the website’s content.

Pages and Custom Post Types

I decided to wrap the featured image as a backstretch across the top of the page. I did not use a sidebar so that the reading experience was clean and not distracting.

A dressage horse

A Custom Post (Breed)

A thoroughbred horse running without a person in the saddle

Page Content

A screenshot of a webpage about horses


Beyond the design process I also built the front-end of the theme, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and WordPress.  Plugins I used during development included Advanced Custom Fields and Ninja Forms. The images were manually optimized in Gimp. The website is made responsive to work on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, and includes JavaScript functionality such as a product carousel.


Working on the Horse Academy Theme was a good opportunity to design a site meant to inspire action and play on the emotions of the viewer.